How to Learn Data Science Free ? Which are the best Websites ?

Data science is the hottest trend in the field of IT now. Given that the demand for Big Data positions is likely to skyrocket in the future years, and it will be difficult to locate qualified candidates to fill job openings, I’ve advocated sharing a series of free Big Data courses.

Many educational institutes provide free classes to the public. You won’t receive a title for performing them, but that’s not nearly as important as demonstrating that you understand Big Data.

The only drawback is that in order to benefit from these online Big Data courses, you must be fluent in English and, in some cases, a programming language, as well as mathematics and statistics.

Lets take a look at some of the best free courses available to learn data science.


The first of the free Big Data courses is now available. The University of Washington teaches this subject.

It’s available on Coursera, a higher education online resource.

This course can be finished in around 8 weeks if you study 10 to 12 hours each week on average. The programme includes key techniques and technologies such as MapReduce and Hadoop, as well as the utilisation of classic relational databases and experiment design using visualisation and statistical modelling.

To complete this course, you must have prior knowledge of Python, SQL, and R. You can also take programming classes on Coursera if you don’t know anything about these languages.

Keep in mind that if you want to get a certificate for your CV, you must complete the course within the allotted period. On the other hand, if you’re solely interested in learning, you can download all of the course materials and work through them at your own pace.

Coursera Course

University of Berkeley

Graphics, infographics, and other data visualisations are essential for comprehending and digesting the knowledge that lies beneath the mounds of data that Big Data examines.

This is perhaps one of Big Data’s most inventive and challenging fields.

The University of Berkeley offers a free online data visualisation course in which you may study the strategies and algorithms for creating efficient visual representations of data that make it easier to understand and communicate conclusions to others.

To complete this course, you must be proficient with a graphic representation tool such as OpenGL, GDI, or Tableu public, as well as Excel-like spreadsheets.

Masters in Data Science Course

California Institute of Technology

“Machine learning” is another of Big Data’s fastest-growing fields. Which is nothing more than the creation of algorithms that learn and adapt to new data without the need for human involvement.

The California Institute of Technology provides the following free course: Data-driven learning

This course is available for download or viewing on YouTube. It also includes supplementary resources from the professors’ classes, such as the presentations that were utilised.

If you want to learn the complete data science course under the guidance of expert instructors, you can check out the below link.

Both offline and online courses are available.

Data science courses in Mumbai

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