Difference between Business Analysis and Data Science

Difference between Business Analysis and Data Science. Data science is about knowing statistics and possessing coding skills. You can solve complex data and problems

possesses the ability to automate your solution.

Business analysis

lives more in making decisions based on the idea produced when solving a data problem.

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A data / business analyst would care less about math

and other skills needed to solve data problems

and more about perspectives

they generate.

  • Business analysis is more about simplification and therefore about making data science more accessible to provide information and help make business decisions.

For example, if you want to know how to streamline your ads or marketing campaign, you may want to apply targeting to your target customers to create a separate strategy for each customer group. This would be the work of a Business or Data Analyst.

  • Data science, taking the same example, would be about knowing how segmentation works as a technique.

It is possible for a data scientist to apply it to a wider set of problems and automate the solution. Of course, he / she would be less (

I mean less, not at all

) was inclined to see the impact on the advertising campaign business.
Answer 2 :


Business analysis


Data science

involves playback around data such as data acquisition, data modeling, and information collection.

The key difference between the two is that:

As the name suggests,

Business analysis

is specific to

business issues

as profit etc., since

Data science

as the influence of customer behavior on the business.

Data Science combines the power of data with the construction of algorithms and technology to answer a number of questions. Recently, machine learning and artificial intelligence have made the rounds and are set to take data science to the next level. Business Analytics, on the other hand, is the analysis of company data with statistical concepts to obtain solutions and perspectives.

Do you want to become a data scientist?

Let’s see some basic differences between the two:

The most important industries in data science: –

  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Ecommerce
  • Academic

The most important industries in business analytics: –

  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Marketing
  • With retail

The field of Data Science involves a combination of traditional analysis practices with sound programming knowledge, while Business Analytics does not involve too much coding.

More importantly, let’s talk about variety


in each field:

Data science:

Sometimes it becomes very difficult for a data scientist to get the right data to attract accurate business information, even if they get data, then data cleaning takes 80% of the process for a scientist, data modeling requires the remaining 20% . .

So unavailability or difficult access to data is the major challenge a data scientist faces !!

Then, understanding the field is a very important criterion to ask the right questions. When a data scientist is presented with a business problem, he will be able to attract useful information only when he asks the right questions to business users and then works on them. However, he will not be able to do this if he does not have a correct understanding of the field.

Similarly, the lack of input from experts in the field of business analysis is a major challenge. In these fields, work is smoother and faster if data is available and accessible.

Key differences between data science and business analysis:

· Data science uses both structured and unstructured data, while Business Analytics largely uses structured data.

· The cost of investing in Data Science is high, while that of Business Analytics is low.

· Data science is the science of data study using statistics, algorithms and technology, while Business Analytics is the statistical study of business data.

However, both Data Science and Business Analytics offer employees a lot of areas to learn and improve.

Do you want to learn data science?

Watch the following videos to understand and start learning:

  • Python data science:

2. Data science with R:

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